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My quotes

  • Don’t try to control others ,Control yourself
  • If you have a problem ,talk to multiple people , At last talk to your parents.
  • As siblings if you grown up fighting each other ,they start loving each other once they v grown up.
  • If you have a bad day  force your self to hang out friends who can make you laugh.
  • Girls couldn’ t concentrate on their work when they have problems ,so talk to them and distract their attention for something else,you may not solve the problem but it ll lessen the stress. Btw I don’t know about guyes 😛
  • In life you have to be responsible for the things that you don’t have control of . That simply sucks ..
  • Pay attention to earn people besides earning money.If you know how to deal with people ,You can get done anything.But never have friendships for benefits, it doesn’t work.If so once revealed the truth they become your biggest enemy .
  • The world is digital ,most of the time it is 0 or 1 , true or false ,win or lose ,success or fail .Among all transition is the hardest .
  • Among all your friends you will have few close friends .. that s your inner circle
  • Mom is the only person who likes you and loves you, for who you are .. Everyone else  need small/big adjustment(s)
  • When we were kids we cry for getting what we want. When we become adults we silently cry for forgetting what we like
  • If something hurts you. First question is the suffering is worthwhile.. Otherwise get over it ..
  • Mom you are the best.. 🙂
  • You know what falling in love is a sin.. Sometimes it kills you everyday.. 😥
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